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are metamorphosing into something else

Friday, November 02, 2007

lacking passion; lazy; gluttonous; punctuating, punctuated, interrupted; self-centred; self-indulgent; self-fish;
shell fish
honest; proud
desire for acceptable, conflicting need to be unique
pseudo random
why am i writing this? why am i writing this? i should delete it, right? maybe now? maybe at the end. you (who's voice is this now?) know you're not going to. do i? am i not? i've done it before. maybe this time won't be so different.
mistakes, mistaken, mistake maker; spineless
sleepy & sleepless; paradoxial (dictionary says paradoxical); poetic license.
who's going to read this? would you want somebody to read this?
a writer, a scholar, a teacher, a dreamer, a wishful thinker; frustration; impatience; no backspacing now; too late, i've gone too far
nonsense, gain some sense! some experience! work, read, work, learn, cope, respect, low profile, tact, diplomacy, push, stretch, aspire...
wake, groan, grouch, grumble, sleep, cheat-sleep, groangrouchgrumble, shower-brush-pee, dry, clothes, milk, rush, work, lunch, work, meet, smoke, grumble, work, laugh, play, snack, work, when-we-going home, work, facebook, faff, home, dominos, tv, sleep...
dream of bombay, alcohol, foreign country, monetary donation is the extent of me doing my part for a better world, a better life for kids dying on the street
forgetful. amnesiac. longterm effect, i believe, who knows? maybe i was always this way. maybe not. maybe i have no idea who i am.



At Tuesday, November 13, 2007 11:18:00 AM , Blogger Mighty said...

Oh Vasudeva, must you labour in your own filth, arise, and bask in your own glory knowledgeable one... If you don't, how can we lesser mortals believe in our gods?


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