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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Pebble Ripples I

NM road gives a most beautiful drive. On any given Sunday. Today IS Sunday. Aberdeen's idea about making songs about the Tok H customs in different countries was just processed by my brain. I still remember it after so many hours. And then there's the one with a park.

I'll scribe some of my own stories first:

(note: most of the following are not exclusive. More often than not, one trip is complete only with a series or a juxtaposition of several given scenarios. Also, do not take this list as comprehensive. Or expect your own personal kalluh experiences to 'fit' into one of these; they are not moulds or benchmarks. Write your own. Share with the world your wonderful life. And this list ain't complete.)

a) The park - serene green, sometimes brown, sometimes flowered, the weather an acquired taste - is almost always the my favourite place to be. At any time of the day or night; unless its blazing hot, or crowded, or unfriendly. And slowly I'm beginning to realise there are a lot of unfriendly places in the world.
This one outdoor experience happened next to a small lake in a infamous college campus. Mosquitoes, swamp-like conditions, still smug air.
My makeshift 'park' experience from my aerial residence in Ji'chovn in the terrace. A spectacular place to watch the sun set, Rushta and I have spent several nights charting the skies while kalluh and ooshkay spun their magic around us (see With ooshkay...)

b) The room - computer, speakers, tables, beds, clothes, shoes, unkals, bottles, empty bottles, tightly squeezed with another 50 of exactly the same composition (minus the kalluh) on the same floor - is where i usually find myself indulging in the pleasures of kalluh. Music soothes the intake and there are regular questions about who's getting the water next. Soon these degenerate into southpark marathons, movies, music videos, music, and, in the worst and most despisable case, sleep. (Rustha! Heed!)
Tonight has turned out particularly vegetative with Rushta and me discovering 24 (Season 1) and watching 5 episodes. it is now 4 am, and there is work to get to tomorrow. I am going to watch a few more, while Rushta sleeps. It's too late for me now.

c) With strangers. Kinds of strangers met: old dogs, young dogs, only kall when sherbing dogs, never kalled before dogs, claim to kall dogs, left kalling dogs, unkals. Old dogs are usually all right, unless they're proud, pompous and show-offy as shit. Nobody likes that kind of attitute whether he kalluhs or not. Young dogs are great fun to be with, but then I gotta make sure I don't act like the old dog I just described; however, I do see how it's easy to behave like that. But so far meeting strangers has been a good experience.
Sometime I want to say to anybody who's never kalled before: Do it with your own friends. Don't find random acquaintances who kall and get them to fix you. One particular chappie was in the middle of one of my djinns when he told me he'd never kalled before and wanted to try it. Felt like watching a twelve year old having sex with a whore. And I was the pimp. Yes, now you KNOW it's not that kind of a blog. Sorry to burst your bubble. I'm taking off the kid gloves for all you weak-at-hearts out there. Swallow it. You KNOW I'm doing it for effect. The message IS simple enough; the delivery brutal. So what's new? Another one wants a piece of sensationalist pie.
Most unkals are bad too. I can't tell what's going on in somebody's head. I can't read body language for crap. I barely understand English. I don't read people well. Even less so when kalled. So unkals are the worst of the lot in THAT regard; paranoia sets in early on, especially if you don't know the unkal(s) at all. My... condition... forces me to meet a lot of people, mostly strangers, and many unkals. Several unfortunate events have happened at the hands of unkals, and sober people in general. Jalal and Rushta were witness to when the dam broke over the field of Ja'yelt and the stars forever dimmed their light on me. Ah, that's a sherb story, though, and shall be told later.
Folks who claim to kall will more often than not decline when offered. Author suspects wannabes. This special category exists because if they do indeed accept, they would be filed under old dogs or young dogs. Folks who claim to have stopped kalling will more often than not accept when offered. Author suspects submission under influence of sherb, or liars for image sake. This is a rotten kind of person to meet anyway because even if he's quit kalling, he might really give you a bad trip about all the healthy shit he's been doing the last few years. Or maybe he'll simply say "you should quit. it's bad for you" or something as stupid and obvious like that. All while he's shooting ooshkay and fagging. I believe science. Kalluh safer than Fag.
Then there's the worst of them all.
People, as a rule, should not sherb and kall at the same time. The reason I call it a rule is because it's a exactly like one. Sometimes you follow it. Sometimes you break it. And sometimes you get caught breaking it with your jaw resting on a shitpot.
But the fact that one gets sick is not why I don't like strangers who kall while sherbing. Because they don't REALLY kall. They don't procure raw materials. They don't have manufacturing ability and/or inclination. They don't have finished goods. They're a falsely happy, extremely uncouth race of people who will smell kalluh a mile away, hunt you down and pluck the djinn right out of your fingers. And ask for more. And expect you to even provide them with more. Insatiable at best, such kind of people are abundant at ginwhetts and there's often very little i would like to do for such a large number of people on my own. This set is so close to unkal that I'm tempted to name them the quasikal.

d) With reebay, ooshkay, and other sherbs. Kalluh and reebay are mfeo. "made for each other". Yes. Laugh. Bastard. The conflicting, yet mild nature of the two produces most interesting effects. Like kalled talk. Terribly entertaining for everybody. One can keep 'em lips wet and smacking with the reebay, a nice chilled one at that + it provides energy. Kalluh slows you down and makes everything so funny. Dual notions of clarity of thought, even better. A certain loss of perspective leaves one in a communicationally Cubist universe. Kalling with ooshkay is very different that way. A regular quantum of ooshkay leaves one fairly incapacitated to appreciate the kalluh. Often heavy and headachy feelings of sobriety are experienced; unless of course, a slight miscalculation in the mix leaves you on just the other side of coin. But several nights were spent (2, precisely) in the company of a certain Mr. JD which hasn't completely left me anti-ooshkay on kalluh. Odkay-kalling was described in a horrible book I read once. I've tried it, but can't recall enough to record. I don't do murkay, so i know nothing about that.

* * * *

to be continued

Upcoming sections:

e) in comparison to sherb
f) with women
g) in the mountains
h) with food